John Oliver Crashes ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Promo

The razor-sharp satire is coming. Ahead of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver‘s Season 4 premiere on Feb. 12, HBO has released a promo for… Game of Thrones?

As the clip begins, the camera zooms in the drama’s iconic throne as a haunting voice over declares, “In 2017, HBO’s biggest Sunday night show returns… ” Cut to Oliver sheepishly slinking out from behind the spiky chair when it becomes clear that the omniscient VO dude is referring to GoT and not Last Week Tonight.

Things get more awkward from there, as Oliver has run-ins with both Larry David andSilicon Valley‘s Kumail Nanjiani, neither of which are particularly impressed with the Brit’s brand of comedy.

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Workplace: Facebook at work

Finally it is acceptable to surf on Facebook in the workplace.
In mid-October the company launched the Workplace, standalone version of Facebook that has been specially designed for companies and organizations.

“We made the best of Facebook in the workplace,” said the giant social network. This includes basic functions such as recent posts, groups, searches and popular publication. Users can also attend conferences and chat one on one with the help of messengers, are holding presentations by selecting the Facebook lajv and update status. Workplace also offers enterprise-level tools that assist in the introduction, use and security of the platform. For example, will soon be launched and multi corporate groups representing common space that allows users from different companies to safely and securely collaborate. “We have also built unique functions-a Workspace from which companies can benefit, such as the dashboard with analytics and integration with a display,” it said in a statement. So far, Facebook brought together with companies that have access to personal data in order to harmonize the use of Workplace platform with the existing infrastructure of the company. Integration Suite include G, Okta, OneLogin, Ping and Windows Azur. Workspace also allows unlimited storage of documents, images and videos, unlimited team and projects in groups, devices for monitoring and support administrator. Also used by professional data about users to their profiles differ from personal Facebook profile.

According to Facebook, from placing the closed beta version of Facebook at work, two years ago, more than a thousand organizations make use of this service, which was renamed the Workplace. The company itself uses a similar internal Facebook with your communication. Workplace is now enabled companies of various sizes, including small businesses. In addition, there are special rates for small businesses. Workplace price amounts to three dollars per month per user to thousands of active users, according to two dollars to ten thousand active users or just one dollar per user for more than ten thousand active users.

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Britney Spears announces a new music video and single

Can you guess what the young star will cooperate with our favorite pop princess ?! Get ready to party! And not just any! Britney Spears has just announced that it will be until the end of the week go dancing with her new single “Slumber Party”. Well, she said she will release video for “Slumber Party”, this part of the dancing was added to me, but you know that when Brit here, and dancing is guaranteed! Thus, the video for “Slumber Party” takes us on Friday, 18 noevmbra, and Britney is summoned to the aid of the younger colleague, R & B star Tinashe.

The two have already recorded a new version of the song “Slumber Party” for the deluxe edition of the album “Glory,” which sounds seductive and sexy enough that we can not wait to see the spot.
We’ll have to tell you also that the video allegedly inspired the film “Eyes Wide Shut”, which means that we expect mnooogo … everything! “Slumber Party” is located on Britney’s album “Glory,” which was published at the end of the year. Although he did not glory (even the first single, “Make Me …” did not achieve greater success), it seems that Britney with the song “Slumber Party” has a new hit.

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Steal Steve Jobs tricks to manipulate without fail

Steve Jobs passed away five years ago. He is the founder of two important creative companies, Apple and Pixar, which have a strong influence on modern times. He did it because he did not respect the rules that have been imposed.

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Jobs met with many obstacles when he started with the companies Apple and Pixar, but he had a unique way in creating their own reality. He managed to convince people of what is intended. In order to achieve what he wanted he used manipulative tactics, especially in meetings with very important people in the world in which he wanted to leave a mark. Many believe Jobs’ genius from which everyone can learn something. His methods of persuasion can help, regardless of whether it comes to career or other life-field.

1. Steve’s ideas are presented with incredible passion and how many believe this is the key that will allow others to “swallow” your idea.

2. He was brutally honest as he was helped by many people to wash in his ideas. “I do not think I’m ruthless when other people are concerned, I know that sometimes it sucks, but I say what I think people in the face. My job is to be honest. I know what I’m talking and mostly it turns out I’m right. It is a culture that I’m trying to create. We brutally honest with each other, and everyone has the right to tell me that a lot of the m ** and I also can not say to others, “said Jobs once.

3. The effort and work will allow you respect from others. Respect is a crucial first step to get what you want. Jobs was a workaholic, he came to work at 7 in the morning and went to 9 pm every day.

4. Disarm the people compliments and seduction It does not matter whether you are a boss or an employee, all want approval and acceptance of others. That’s why people often respond very well to compliments.

5. Make decisions quickly and let’s make the final, after you change them One of the associates Džobsovih once said that some months make decisions, and Jobs for half an hour.

6. Troubleshooting do not dispose of it directly Realize.

7. Strive for perfection and never be satisfied with something that’s not the way you want ..

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You live in a small apartment? This is the 5 dogs for you

Sometimes it is not easy to choose the right pet. No matter how you do a dog like him,
it can happen that he simply does not fit your lifestyle.

Bostonski terijer

Boston Terrier

Nick this dog is the “American Gentleman”, and it’s not just because of the black-white-like smoking. Boston Terrier was bred as much as a dog can be bred. In translation – perfect for an apartment. They are quiet, so it will not disturb the neighbors, are small and require very little exercise. Suffice it to them daily walk around the neighborhood a bit.

Engleski buldog

English Bulldog Not only are loyal and cuddly but they also have a feature that makes them perfect for living in an apartment – are incredibly lazy.

Francuski buldog

French Bulldog Can not decide between Boston Terrier and English Bulldog?

Why not get the best of both? How does French Bulldog? Frenchy much resembles a Boston terrier that many of them are mixed, and has all the good qualities of English Bulldogs (quiet, patient, quiet, loyal and relaxed). Not so lazy as his English cousin, but it makes up for what it is smaller and lighter than him.

Jorkširski terijer

Yorkshire Terrier Another tiny dog that looks like a toy and brilliant as a roommate.

Kavalijer king Čarls španijel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

According to the size and temperament of this breed is similar to the Boston Terrier.

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Fashion lovers are u ready…

Lovers of fashion, felt-tip pen in hand and circle in red the following days in the calendar: from 23 October to 8 November.

Ljubitelji mode, da li ste spremni...

Belgrade fashion Sunday 40th, will be reflected in the several interesting places in the city, next to a fashion show, expect us exhibitions, lectures, workshops …

The organizers, Fashion Studio Click, from the beginning, and as far back as in 1996,
parallel to foster artistic and educational approach to this event,
so it will be this time, just as we are used to.

In addition to fashion novelties, visitors will have the opportunity to hear speakers, fashion and business professionals from Europe, but also to have fun.

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